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BBLogger Insert Call

Insert Call In BBLogger

This simple program speeds up the entry of a QSO into BBLogger when using FT8 with JTDX or WSJT-X. Operation is just as simple, just run InsertCallBBLogger.exe which will remain resident in memory and whenever text is copied to the Windows clipboard (CTRL + C key or right-copy key) the selected text will be written to the CALL field of the BBLogger New QSO form, the program ignores the data copied to the clipboard if BBLogger is closed or if the text is longer than 20 characters. With JTDX just double click on the affected call and it will automatically be returned to the CALL in BBLogger.
The program is compiled with AutoHotKey, I also attach the source for those who want to make changes and customize it to their liking.
The program is experimental and as such may not work for everyone, the operation is simple:
  1. Unzip the zipper to a folder of your choice
  2. Double-click to launch the executable (InsertCallBBLogger32 for 32-bit Windows, InsertCallBBLogger64 for 64-bit Windows) that will remain resident in memory
  3. Start BBLogger and WSJT-X or JTDX.
  4. In WSJT-X select the call and press CTRL+C, in JTDX double-click on the call
  5. Automatically the CALL will be pasted into the call field of BBLogger's New QSO window.
For those who use one of my CATs you can put the program in the program list at startup and it will automatically open along with the CAT.
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