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BKTPersonalData is a program to store their private data (passwords, credit cards, codes, etc ...) in a safe and simple mode, also thanks to stand-alone technology, you can put the program on a USB memory stick, removable device, cloud system like dropbox and use it anytime and on any computer. License: the program is free and can freely be distributed provided that NOT modified and NOT for commercial purposes. Every different use from that personnel must preventively be authorizes at the author. The author is not taken on any responsibility for malfunctions of the program and possible problems from it caused.

Major features :
- Stand-alone version with possibility of use on removable device and cloud system like dropbox
- Possibility to manage more archive (ex. Passwords, Codes, etc... ) each with an own password
- Sophisticated algorithm of encryption
- Self-control of alteration of the program
- Free data input without any scheme

Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 32 and 64 bit and Android

Download Windows Portable version

Download Windows Setup version

Download versione Android

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